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Scott Gillen

Designer / Thinker / Creator

Scott is the visionary behind Unvarnished and truly is a director, builder, thinker and creator. Throughout his career, he has pushed boundaries and constantly evolved to fill a need and expand his repertoire of skills and talents. As the youngest stunt driver in television, he seamlessly transitioned into one of the most sought after directors of automotive commercials. While on brief hiatus from directing, Scott purchased his first house in Venice, CA, which after a complete renovation using Scott’s original design, sold in less than one hour. Unvarnished was born.

My Projects

TheNew Castle
15,500 SQFT|7 BR|10 BA
TheCantilever House
11,097 SQFT|5 BR|7 BA
TheButterfly House
10,727 SQFT|5 BR|7 BA
TheGlass Tunnel
11,927 SQFT|5 BR|9 BA
TheFlat House
10,555 SQFT|4 BR|7 BA

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Step inside a new world. Behind the Scenes, just got better. Unvarnished, like you’ve never seen it before.

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